Wedding/Gift Lists

Wedding Lists for Original Art

Our wedding gift lists are easy to set up and an ideal way for your family and friends to contribute to your big day in a big way. Helping you buy an original piece of artwork.

You can set up a list for guests to contribute to a specific artwork you and your partner have chosen, or to redeem in the future.

'St. Ives' by Andrew Tough

How to contribute to lists

To start a wedding or gift list, simply contact our staff at the gallery who will take care of all the details, 0141 221 4502 or [email protected].

We will send out complimentary cards to help you inform friends and family about your list, and will keep you posted on how the list is progressing.

Not based in Scotland? Not a problem! You can contribute over the phone or redeem your wedding list contribution online. No matter where you are in the world we will ship your chosen work out to you!