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An Interview with Davy Brown

24 August 2023

We're thrilled to announce that Davy Brown has joined the ScotlandArt Gallery. Inspired by the coasts and farms of his Galloway home, his paintings are full of affection for their subjects. With influences including the Scottish Colourists and the St Ives School, Brown's deft use of colour and form has gained him over seventy solo shows across the years. We asked him about his first forays into art and the evolution of his artistic practice.


What led you to become an artist?

I don't believe that I made a conscious choice to become a painter. I think that that choice was made for me. I knew before I even went to school that that was what I wanted to do.


Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

I was born in Kilmarnock in 1950, the oldest of three children. My father was an electrician who worked down the pits of the Ayrshire coalfield. He encouraged me to draw, principally because a career in art was much preferable to working down the mines. Encountering the work of that other Kilmarnock artist, Robert Colquhoun, at the age of twelve was a major factor in my determination to gain entry to the Glasgow School of Art (GSA), which I did in 1968.


What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given in your creative practice?

[At GSA] I found myself in a stultifying experimental section called Section 5, which had little to do with fine art, and at the end of my first year, I took my portfolio of reductionist Bauhaus designs to my Kilmarnock Academy art teacher, John McKissock, whose advice was, "Get yourself down to St. Ives, and meet the 'Big Boys!'" I followed his advice and for most summers until the early 80s, I spent several weeks in Cornwall, meeting artists like Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Terry Frost, John Wells and Paul Mount among others. This was a liberating experience for me and St. Ives abstraction influenced me greatly.


What is your relationship with colour in your paintings?

One of the principal elements in my work is my fixation with colour, born out of a reaction to the muddy paint of GSA in the 60s and early 70s, and my love of Cézanne and the Scottish Colourists. I still love to experiment with colour figurations.


How has your style changed over time?

My father had died while I was still at Art School and my mother was insistent that I had a teaching qualification "behind me" and so, I found myself at Moray House College of Education in 1973, and subsequently taught in schools in Ayrshire and Galloway. By the 1990s I had adopted a more commercial style of painting and in 1992 I resigned my post as Principal Teacher of Art at Douglas Ewart High School in Newton Stewart in order to achieve my life-long ambition to become a full-time professional painter. In the intervening years, I never stopped painting, and in fifty years, I have held over seventy one-man shows throughout the UK as well as in the USA.

What is your favourite medium to work in? Apart from a period in the 1990s when I made forays into acrylics, my preferred medium has always been oils.


Davy Brown's work is available here with free delivery.

We're Hiring!

05 July 2023

A part-time position is available for a motivated and professional individual to join a respected commercial art gallery in the heart of Glasgow.


3 days a week (weekends required), 21 hours, £10.42/hour, Glasgow City Centre.


We are seeking a confident and friendly individual with a mature outlook and outgoing personality. Must be comfortable in a client facing position, handling sales one to one and over the phone.


As Gallery Assistant your primary responsibility will be to assist visitors to the gallery in finding suitable artworks to purchase, process sales, and to respond to customer queries and website enquiries by telephone and email.


You will also be required to support the organisation of new stock and our exhibitions from logging new deliveries of artworks, promoting via social media, and assisting with the running of exhibition launch events.


You must be flexible in terms of working hours; weekends are essential, sometimes weekdays with appropriate notice, and you will be required to occasionally work evenings in the event of exhibition launches. During the busy summer or festive period, there is likely to be an opportunity for more hours.


This role would be a wonderful opportunity for someone seeking to work in the art sector and to gain practical experience in a busy working gallery.


Responsibilities include:

• Photographing and cataloguing artworks.

• Answering customer and artist enquiries via email and phone.

• Opening and closing the gallery.

• Processing sales and deliveries.

• Keeping admin and data up to date.


Retail/sales experience and IT/admin skills are essential. Interest in Art is very desirable.


Please send full CV & a short cover letter stating relevant experience and availability to [email protected].


Closing date: 16/07/2023, 17:00

Interviews: 22/07/2023

Start date: Start of August

Location: Glasgow City


For further information, please contact [email protected] (Rose), or call 01412214502.

The deadline is Sunday 16 July 2023 at 17:00.

In Conversation with Judith Appleby

26 April 2023

What led you to become an artist?

I took early retirement from architectural education when my husband Ian and I were able to spend winters in India. I needed a new hobby for our months away. The hobby soon became a passion and, although we no longer go to India, has grown into a challenging and satisfying second career.

I have had no formal art education, but I have been a studio design teacher in architecture for many years and wrote a Master’s dissertation in ‘Teaching For Creativity’, so I have probably been pretty good at teaching myself.


What’s your favourite medium to work in?

My favourite medium is acrylic. Just recently I have enjoyed trying out some collage, working with patterned tissue paper and acrylic pain. I like to work quickly and find that acrylic is fast drying and allows for flexibility, experiments, and corrections.


Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

I was born and brought up in Dublin. I don’t think this affects my work. However, my work is very much affected by location and going to a new place often sparks off a new approach. My paintings made in India, showing heat, bright shimmering light and vibrancy, are totally different from those of Scotland or Northumberland with powerful landmark views in dramatic weather.


What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given in your creative practice?

“Paint what you like!” - Advice of Stanley Spencer. I’ve tried to keep to this advice and just do my own thing, and if they sell, that’s great!


What’s something you’d like others to know about your artwork?

My paintings have carefully constructed proportions. I’ve always been intrigued with mathematics. You will find basic rules of proportion such as division into thirds as the basis of composition in most of my paintings.

I think a lot about my paintings and of trying to capture the character of place. My architectural background has given me an awareness of the relationship of man-made and natural forms. My distillery paintings are about these clearly functional buildings in their landscape setting.

It gives me pleasure to find that a subject I have been inspired to paint has special meaning for somebody else.


How has your style changed over time?

It’s always changing and developing. It’s a cyclic process, and I return to particular styles, yet allow them to take new directions. The style of my painting is strongly related to place. I also like to consider the mental and physical activity of painting, it can be relaxing, it can also require serious concentration, changing style may come from this too. For instance, I might make a free and expressive painting as a change after completing one with controlled composition of layers and forms.


Appleby's work is available here with free worldwide delivery.

In Conversation with James Daly

10 April 2023

What led you to become an artist?
I have always been fascinated by the creative arts, be it design, photography, architecture, or fine art. But my passion is sculpture and can’t feel fulfilled until I’m building something new and absorbing. 
What’s your favourite medium to work in?
I love building in clay. Each piece of clay is applied by hand and extruded into position. My finger marks will be found in the pieces I create which hopefully adds life and vitality to the work.
Don’t expect the clay to talk to you…you must form it to create the shape you have in your mind.
What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given in your creative practice?
A sculpture tutor once said to me: “Don’t over think it…it’s only mud.”
What’s something you’d like others to know about your artwork?
This series of torsos represent the idea of ancient Hellenic pieces which have languished at the bottom of the Mediterranean for thousands of years. They may have been damaged by time and tide or by fisherman’s grappling irons. But once retrieved, they arrive blinking from the deep, eroded and encrusted with the Verdigris of millennia.
The human form in all its shapes and sizes are an endless fascination and challenge. I always feel compelled to create another piece exploring body and movement. I hope the pieces are more than just shape and form; they explore the hidden textures that are the skin and beneath the skin.


Daly's work is available here with free worldwide delivery.

In Conversation with Elaine Cunningham

08 April 2023

What led you to become an artist?

I've always loved drawing, painting, and being creative for as long as I can remember. When my children grew up I was fortunate to go to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee and gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.


What’s your favourite medium to work in?

Oils are my favourite medium, but I also like watercolour, acrylics, pastels and charcoal.


What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given in your creative practice?

A fellow student once said to me "Keep following your heart". This to me was the best advice!


What’s something you’d like others to know about your artwork?

Music and dance play a big part in my creative practice. Travel is essential on my creative journey. I've travelled around the world to many different countries, and return home to see the the Scottish coast I love again with fresh eyes.


Cunningham's work is available here with free worldwide delivery.

In Conversation with Sheila Anderson Hardy

01 April 2023

What led me to become an artist?

I was lucky to be brought up in a beautiful Scottish village by the sea. As the youngest child with much older siblings, I spent my preschool years having to amuse myself, and drawing became my obsession. My gran was “arty” (a skilled embroiderer), and she spent her summers with us. She encouraged me to look at nature and to draw it. My parents were less than enthusiastic about my choice to make art my career; however, I was determined, and I persisted; I gained a place at Glasgow School of Art.

My 4 years at art school were pivotal. Surrounded by such talented people was daunting at first but crucially it taught me not to compare my work to other artists! Be inspired by other artists, but never copy!

London became my home for many years where I continued to develop my art career, married, had children, and taught part-time. I moved back to Scotland nearly 10 years ago.

The beautiful Scottish Borders where I now live have given me fresh and endless inspiration. I quickly re-engaged with the vibrant Scottish art scene. I now show in select galleries across Scotland. I am hugely encouraged by having work selected 4 years running by the RSW Annual Open Exhibitions at Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh. I was proud to be elected as an associate member of the Society of Graphic Fine Artists just 3 years ago.

ScotlandArt Gallery are currently showing the 3 artworks which were selected for the SGFA Annual Exhibition at the Mall Gallery London last month. Being an artist is a lifelong quest and you never stop learning.


Favourite Medium?

That’s a hard question to answer as I love varying my practice by using different media. Whether it’s drawing with charcoal and pencil, sometimes my subject or my mood might call for the delicate translucence of ink or watercolour. I may also experiment with mixed media. My favourite media tends to be the one that I am currently working with! As I have to choose one, I would say working in traditional oil paint on canvas. Its slow drying time, buttery texture, and colour clarity, I find delivers far more in terms of techniques than water-based acrylics. (Also…the smell of turpentine and linseed oil takes me back to my days in those beautiful Macintosh designed studios in Glasgow School of Art!)


Most valuable piece of advice?

Over the years I have received much useful advice on technique, materials, etc. However, I think it came from my art school tutor, the late Robert Stewart, “Make marks every day, draw every day.” …and I do. Also: Persistence, follow your own path. Patience, calmly get on with your work, even when it might go out of fashion! Passion, for your work and what you are trying to convey through your work. Discipline, keep going.


Something I would like others to know about my work?

My work comes from a genuine concern for nature and our place within it. I am a passionate conservationist. My work draws attention to the often-overlooked aspects of our declining wild spaces where essential elements, wild plants, and animals are under threat. I aim to emphasise, not only the beauty, but the importance of the small things which make up the bigger picture.


Hardy's work is available here with free worldwide delivery.

In Conversation with Andrew Tough

01 April 2023

What led you to become an artist?

I always enjoyed art when I was a child, but it wasn't until later in school I tried some painting, recognising I had a natural talent for it, that I continued doing it with encouragement from my school. I then perfected my skills and at the same time did some commissions and sold paintings. I decided to do it as a profession around five years ago as I enjoy it so much.


What’s your favourite medium to work in?

Between Oil or Acrylic (I paint in either), Oil would probably be my favourite because of the slower drying (open time) allowing you to manipulate paint on the canvas and create some nice effects. I tend to use acrylic for some of my more minute detail paintings as it dries so quickly allowing for lots of built-up layers without the wait on paint drying!


What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given in your creative practice?

Being self-taught, much of what I have learned has been gained through observing the techniques of artists I admired through books and online, which was a way for me to pick up some ideas on how to approach paintings.


What’s something you’d like others to know about your artwork?

The majority of locations in my paintings I have visited many times and I attempt to add my own personal perspective to the scene. I hope people who have visited these places (or maybe haven't yet) can appreciate and recognise the feel of the places I paint.


Tough's work is available here with free worldwide delivery.

We're Hiring!

08 October 2022

A part-time position is available for a motivated and professional individual to join a respected commercial art gallery in the heart of Glasgow.

2 days a week (weekends required), 10 hours, £9.50/hour, Glasgow City Centre.

We are seeking a confident and friendly individual with a mature outlook and outgoing personality. Must be comfortable in a client facing position, handling sales one to one and over the phone.

As Gallery Assistant your primary responsibility will be to assist visitors to the gallery in finding suitable artworks to purchase, process sales, and to respond to customer queries and website enquiries by telephone and email. You will also be required to support the organisation of new stock and our exhibitions from logging new deliveries of artworks, promoting via social media, and assisting with the running of exhibition launch events.

You must be flexible in terms of working hours; weekends are essential, sometimes weekdays with appropriate notice, and you will be required to occasionally work evenings in the event of exhibition launches. During the busy summer or festive period, there is likely to be an opportunity for more hours.

This role would be a wonderful opportunity for someone seeking to work in the art sector and to gain practical experience in a busy working gallery.

Responsibilities include:

 • Photographing and cataloguing artworks.

 • Answering customer and artist enquiries via email and phone.

• Opening and closing the gallery.

• Processing sales and deliveries.

• Keeping admin and data up to date.

Retail/sales experience and IT/admin skills are essential. Interest in Art desirable.

Please send full CV & a short cover letter addressed to Laura and Rose stating experience and availability to [email protected].

Closing date: Wednesday 19th October 2022.

Interviews: Evening of Tuesday 25th October 2022.

Start date: Week of 1st November 2022

Opening our Doors Once More...

30 May 2021

We are back! Thank you so much for your continued support during this continued period, and we are thrilled to be able to open our doors once more.


To celebrate our opening, we have a wide variety of amazing original artworks on display 7 days a week – here are two of our phenomenal artists we are excited for you to see:

‘Glen Etive’ by Lee Craigmile, oil, £4900.

Our first featured artist today is Lee Craigmile. Lee has quite the pedigree as an artist, training at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art in 2012 before returning to his hometown of Largs in 2015, where he has been painting ever since.

‘Largs at Dusk’ by Lee Craigmile, oil, £2800.

Lee is very much your traditional oil painter, inspired by Old Masters such as Turner, Sargent and Corot, while also drawing on the natural beauty seen in Scotland. His en plein air (from life) paintings of the West Coast, Highlands and Cities have been a huge success in our gallery, and his new work continues to dazzle.

‘West Coast Sunset’ by Lee Craigmile, oil, £800.

‘Hush Now’ by Paul Bennett, oil, £2400


Our next artist is the incredible Paul Bennett, whose signature abstract seascapes have captivated our gallery’s visitors for many years. Bennett’s style of painting strives to generate a sense of intimacy and isolation while leaving the subject open to interpretation.

‘The Light Beyond Us’ by Paul Bennett, oil, £2400.

Bennett’s seascape and landscapes paintings are created from memory, rather than referring to photographs or painting from life, resulting in more abstracted and expressive pieces rather than realistic representation. Paul’s use of rich textures, and vivid colour pallet creates evocative original artwork that draws the viewer in to experience an image further than a cursory glance.

‘Stranded by the Light’ by Paul Bennett, oil, £1200.

Both Lee Craigmile and Paul Bennett, along with all our other incredible artists, are available to view online at, or in the gallery at 193 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4HU. We are also offering live viewings via Zoom or can send videos of artwork direct to your email for those who are currently unable to attend in person.

We can’t wait to see you all soon!

'A View from Home' by Gavin Weir at

25 August 2020

We've all been spending a lot of time at home in the past couple of months. The objects that we used to just cruise by are now delightfully comforting and greatly appreciated. Gavin Weir's new series of works demonstrates the shift from looking outwards to looking inwards, and not even just looking but really seeing our home environments. We are now taking the time to sit down, have a proper cup of tea, and drink it warm (!).


'French Fancy IV'

Some of us are adding tasty treats to go with them too. How often have you admired the wonderfully bright colours of a French Fancy? Or counted how many glorious sprinkles there are on a Sprinkled covered ring doughnut? Gavin Weir has done the hard work for you!


Allow Weir to take you on a journey of comfort. Many of his oil paintings you will recognise. Perhaps you bulk bought some Bananas right at the beginning of lockdown - perhaps even the neon red cherry on top of a Bakewell Tart has become your beacon of hope in these strange times.


'Bakewell I'

Whatever your connection to home, Weir has captured beautifully. Placed on simple white backgrounds the baked goods stand out in all their glory.

Take the time to really look. Pop the kettle on, settle into your favourite spot and browse this fantastic new series of artwork.


ScotlandArt's Featured Artist - November

04 November 2019

Hello, everyone! Today we will be discussing our November Featured Artist and the amazing work that he has shown with us, but first, we want to thank you all for what has been an incredibly successful month – October saw the opening of our Buildings Make Glasgow II exhibit, which was an astounding success! We are incredibly proud to show the finest art celebrating our beloved city, and we are glad that the reception has been so positive! We have had art find new homes across the world, and we are very thankful to everyone for appreciating the work we have on show.

'Claire 4' by Graeme Sharp, Oil, £1495


Now, onto our November Featured Artist. This artist has been with us since the early days of the gallery and has been in high demand ever since. His portraits are vibrant, textured and eye-catching. ScotlandArt’s Featured Artist for November is Graeme Sharp!

'Laura' by Graeme Sharp, Oil, £2995

Graeme is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and has exhibited work regularly across Scotland and in London. Graeme’s work can be easily identified by his fantastic use of thick brushstrokes and pallet knife work to create truly fantastic textures within his portraits. His paintings almost leap out of the canvas, best seen particularly in the subject’s eyelashes, that flick out from the painting as if they were real. His fantastic paintings are full of vibrant colour that transform his portraits into art that is bold, exciting, and full of character.

'Study of Claire 3' by Graeme Sharp, Oil, £495

We are incredibly fortunate to have taken in twelve brand-new paintings by Graeme Sharp that showcase his technique at its finest. A Graeme Sharp original is a must-have for any art collector, and his pieces are sought after worldwide.

'Claire Study 4' by Graeme Sharp, Oil, £295

If a painting by Graeme Sharp - or indeed any artist - has caught your eye, don't forget that we have Free International Delivery on all paintings, and we can split costs into 10 interest-free instalments with OwnArt! If you have any questions about Graeme Sharp's work or any art we have in the gallery, please give us a call on 0141 221 4502 or drop us an email on [email protected].

Thanks for reading!

The ScotlandArt Team.

ScotlandArt's Featured Artist - October

26 September 2019

October has been a successful month at ScotlandArt – we have been practically swimming in the amazing artwork we have had in this month! We have also continued our ‘Daunder Around Scotland’ exhibition to great success, and this month we wanted to highlight an artist who has caught many art aficionado’s attention during this exhibit. So, without further ado, our October Featured Artist is Sheila Fowler!

'Wildflowers, Harris' by Sheila Fowler, Oil, £425.00

A local talent, Sheila studied at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art and has been a professional artist since 2007. Vibrant and exciting, her work has been caught the interest of galleries throughout the UK. Sheila’s oil paintings are instantly recognisable; a beautifully bright colour pallet and a blend of thick brushstrokes and delicate detailing allow a Sheila Fowler to stand out distinctly in any setting.

'North Uist Croft' by Sheila Fowler, Oil, £650

Sheila is drawn to the beauty that Scotland has to offer and is particularly influenced by the Hebridean Islands and their striking beaches. Her interest in colours and patterns in nature make her a tour de force in both Scottish landscapes, as well as beautiful still life paintings.

'Daisies and Campanula' by Sheila Fowler, Oil, £595

Sheila Fowler is extremely popular with all who enter the gallery, and her work is perfect for anyone looking for a pop of colour in their collection. Why not arrange a viewing with us to see more of Sheila’s beautiful work? Give us a call on 0141 221 4502 or email us at [email protected]. We are open 7 days a week, we hope to see you all soon!

ScotlandArt's Featured Artist - September

26 August 2019

We have been incredibly busy this month at ScotlandArt – we opened our ‘Daunder Around Scotland’ exhibit to a roaring success, with over 60 new paintings brought in! We have been thinking long and hard about our Featured Artist for September and have decided to select an artist whose work captivates all that come through the door. She has been a beloved feature in our gallery for many years. Our September Featured Artist is Elaine Cunningham!

'Sound of Raasay', £1200

Elaine graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee in 2002 with a B.A. (HONS) in Fine Art. Her work has been exhibited in private galleries throughout the UK. Elaine’s abstract work draws influence from the sea, where she has spent most of her life near. Most of her work with us is painted with oils, although she works in a variety of media including charcoal, watercolour, and a blend of oil and beeswax in some of her work!

'Wee Blue Boat I', £420

Elaine’s work is captivating in so many ways. Her abstractions of the sea evoke a sense of movement – while the movement of water and passage of time cannot be easily defined, it is up to Elaine to showcase that in her unique way. Her style is striking, and like the flow of the sea can be reflective, meditative, but also stimulating and turbulent.

'Peat Bog, Skye', £850

An original Elaine Cunningham artwork is a must-have for any art collection. She is easily one of the leading abstract artists in Scotland and her collector’s appeal will only continue to grow. Her neutral colour palette makes her pieces perfect for anywhere in the house, and we hope to see many more paintings from Elaine in the future.

ScotlandArt's Featured Artist - August

22 July 2019

This month, we are starting our ‘Featured Artist’ blog series, where we select one of our artists whose work we are truly impressed with and shine a spotlight on some of our favourite pieces from them. For August we have decided to select Dale Bissland as our first ScotlandArt Featured Artist!


'Plockton' by Dale Bissland - £2270'Plockton' by Dale Bissland, oil, £2270


Dale’s pieces have only been in our gallery for a short time but are already drawing many compliments for their exquisite composition and technique. Dale paints using oils, and draws inspiration from places he knows, particularly Glasgow’s urban landscapes, tenements, and other familiar locations.


'Acheteilasaig, Morar View' by Dale Bissland, oil, £1200'Acheteilasaig, Morar View' by Dale Bissland, oil, £1200


What makes Dale’s work such a rare find, however, is that he is completely self-taught. Yes, you read that right – completely self-taught! This makes his work even more impressive once you consider the immaculate detail and care put into each painting. His technique is inspired by the Old Masters (painters of skill who worked in Europe before about 1800), and with his unique eye captures modern settings in a traditional yet still contemporary style.


'Dennistoun Light' by Dale Bissland, oil, £795

'Dennistoun Light' by Dale Bissland, oil, £795


Dale’s work is perfect for any collection – whether you are looking for a smaller picturesque cityscape like ‘Dennistoun Light’ (above) or a showstopping statement piece like ‘GoMA’ (below), having an original Dale Bissland piece in your home is not just a beautiful painting, it is a worthwhile investment – we at ScotlandArt feel that Dale’s trajectory is on the rise and is without a doubt one of Scotland’s – and indeed the UK’s – best rising young artists.

'GoMA' by Dale Bissland, oil, £2650'GoMA' by Dale Bissland, oil, £2650

A New Showstopper in the Window...

07 July 2019

Hello everyone! We hope you are enjoying the Summer just as much as we are! July is shaping up to be a very exciting month for us at ScotlandArt - our 'Not-So-Still Life' exhibition was a great success, and we were very proud to show some truly outstanding artwork from a range of artists. We also had a visit from artist James MacDonald, whose still lifes were one of our main features, and we were thrilled to see him there and proud to show his pieces! The exhibition is still on the walls at the gallery, so come on down and take a look at the amazing pieces we have on display!

We have also had a large intake of brand new artists to the gallery - we were amazed by the semi-abstract landscapes of Anne Butler, the vivid animal paintings of Laura MacArthur, and the beautiful still lifes from Jane Palmer! We take great care in the artists we select for the gallery and we know these artists, as well as all the artists we show, bring a unique viewpoint to our gallery.

In this blog post, we want to highlight one new artist in particular. Her stunning painting 'Bacchus' has blown us away, so much so that it has taken pride of place in our window! Sarah Margaret Gibson's style is borne of many years of honing her technique and drawing inspiration from the work and philosophy of the Old Masters.

Born in Cincinatti, Ohio, and currently living in Largs on the West Coast of Scotland, Sarah Margaret travelled to Florence, Italy to study at the Angel Academy of Art, and the Florence Academy of Art, where she stayed for seven years to hone her craft. 'Bacchus', named after the Roman God of agriculture, wine, and fertility, is the culmination of her studies. As her final piece at the Florence Academy of Art, Sarah Margaret put a great detail of care and passion into every brushstroke, taking four months to complete! This piece, ornately framed and beautifully painted, is a tremendous addition to the gallery, and we know it will be a showstopping conversation piece in one lucky owner's collection.

We also have the stunning still life 'Memorie di una Vita Passata' by Sarah Margaret Gibson taking pride of place in our gallery. Her contemporary realist approach to the Old Master inspiration is beautifully refreshing, and we adore the depth and complexity in her paintings.

We are open 10.30-6 Monday to Friday, 10.30-5 Saturday, and 12-5 Sunday, please come on down and view these amazing pieces for yourself! Alternatively call us on 0141 221 4502, send us a message on our website, or drop us an email at [email protected]. We are always happy to talk about art and answer any questions you have!

Please also sign up to our Mailing List to be the first to receive news about the gallery, information about our upcoming exhibits, and maybe even a special offer or two!


See you soon! - Alex

A Summer of No-So-Still Life

22 June 2019

We are less than one week away from our June exhibition 'A Summer of Not-So-Still Life' opening on Friday 28th June at 6pm, and we are incredibly excited to show you all the wonderful still life pieces we have showing at our gallery.

Still life has been described as the 'touchstone of painting' (by none other than Edouard Manet!), and while the term gained prominence in the 16th century, the style can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians in the 15th Century BCE. While the premise of a still life is simple - a piece that features an arrangement of inanimate objects as the subject - throughout the centuries and millennia this premise has been interpreted in a wide variety of styles, from the abstract to the hyperrealist, and it is because of its rich and vibrant history that we felt it fitting to pay tribute to this artform in our exhibition. Below, we are giving you a sneak peek of some of the amazing new pieces that we are thrilled to be showing this Friday.

First up, we are delighted to introduce Jane Palmer to ScotlandArt! Jane is a brand new artist to the gallery, and we are incredibly fortunate to debut her artwork in our new exhibit. Her still lifes expertly utilises chiaroscuro (the use of contrasting light and shade) to give drama and intrigue to objects that would otherwise be looked over in day to day life. Her use of black backgrounds help to bring the subject of her paintings to the forefront, to give a Caravaggio-esque quality to her artwork. We are thrilled to have Jane's work here and we know you will too!

Lee Craigmile is a very popular artist with us, and we are very happy to show a new still life from Lee at the exhibition. Lee's aim as an artist is to create paintings that express the beauty of the world around him as faithfully as possible while conveying the emotional feel and atmosphere, and we feel that he captures that beautifully. His still lifes are dramatic and impactful, and we are very excited to have Lee with us again.

Our next artist is Andrew McNeile Jones, who is a hugely popular artist here at ScotlandArt. Andrew has exhibited regularly since 2003, and his work is in numerous private collections and several galleries around the UK, and various other European countries. In 2007 he won the ‘Art Business Today’ first prize, and in 2008 won second prize in the ‘Artists and Illustrators’ Artist of the Year competition, in the Still Life category. His pieces invoke a strong sense of nostalgia that has resonated with many of our visitors, and we cannot wait to show you more of what Andrew has with us.

We are also thrilled to show more work from James MacDonald. James is originally from Canada, but recently moved to Scotland as his family are from the area. James is passionate about his oil paintings; he paints solely from life and loves the vigor that painting allows. His thick paint and brushstrokes give his art purpose in its simplicity, and his new work is incredibly bright and vibrant. His pieces are perfect for the home, and we are sure you will love them as much as we do.


We will also be exhibiting work from Pauline Patrick, David Gleeson, and Lee Robertson. For more information about these artists, please visit their artist's page.


So come down on Friday evening, from 6pm to 8pm! Drinks and nibbles available, what more can you ask for? See you there!

Summer's Around the Corner...

26 May 2019

As we leave the month of May, we at ScotlandArt are looking forward to the warmth of Summer, and with Scotland being one of the most beautiful places in the world (and that’s not us being biased – Scotland tops many a beauty pageant online!) we are excited to explore the beauty of the Highlands, admiring the lochs and beaches, as well as the stunning cities we call home. Our artists capture the beauty of Scotland all year round, and Summer is the best time to showcase Scotland at its peak. Below, we’ve selected some of our favourite landscapes of Scotland to inject a bit of brightness to your day (and hopefully your home!)

Our first piece is ‘Arisaig Cottage’ by the ever-popular Sheila Fowler. Based in her studio in Giffnock, Sheila is drawn to the beauty on offer in Scotland, evident in her oil paintings of Iona, Arran and other islands, with their sweeping beaches and jagged rock formations. Her style is easily recognisable, with its vibrant colours and thick brushstrokes with intricate detailing. We particularly love the bright turquoise waters giving the calm beauty of a warm summer’s day. All of Sheila’s work can be found here: Why not add a beautiful oil of hers to your collection?


Next, we come to Paul Graham, who has very quickly become one of our most sought-after artists. ‘Park Circus, Glasgow’ is a beautiful oil from Paul, who grew up in the city and whose style tries to capture the moment and colours that are right in front of him, with a fresh contemporary and dramatic application of paint. Paul works all over the country in all weather conditions, so his work is popular for any season! His paintings are quickly growing in popularity, so don’t miss your chance to own an original Paul Graham:


Our final piece we are showcasing today is the stunning ‘Over the Sea to Skye’ by Catherine King. With her work exhibiting as far away as Poland and Hong Kong, Catherine’s work is truly a sight to behold. Her oils take inspiration from the beauty of the Scottish landscape, and this piece in particular captures the tranquillity of some of the more remote seashores. All of Catherine’s paintings can be found here:


Remember you can register your interest in any of our artists online and we will contact you whenever the artist brings new work in. Alternatively, sign up to our mailing list and we will keep you up to date with all the news from ScotlandArt.



We will be having our next exhibition opening in June, showcasing the best of our Still Life pieces. With fantastic original art, plus some new work made specifically for the exhibit, and wine and nibbles to go around, don’t miss it! Our exhibition opens on Friday 28th June at 6pm, we hope to see you there!

Buildings Make Glasgow

05 April 2019

As we move into Spring, we are looking forward to dusting off our summer clothes, putting our big coats away, and truly appreciating the beauty the world has to offer. Glasgow is full of wonderful places to explore and admire, and the architecture is certainly no exception. With its noted blend of Victorian and early 20th century style popularised by the wonderful Charles Rennie Mackintosh, it's little wonder the 'Glasgow Style' has helped define the city so distinctly. As the warmer months close in, we opened our 'Buildings Make Glasgow' exhibit to great success, and we would like to share some of these excellent pieces with you.


Coll Hamilton is a wonderful artist who has only recently started selling with us, and with his work selling very well we hope to receive more work from him soon. His art does a fantastic job of telling a story and conveying the passage of time - his use of pastels and acrylics help to capture moments in time that preserve that location's legacy. With such works as 'Tenement, West End' showcasing his artistry perfectly, why not add this artist to your collection?

Another new artist to Scotlandart we would like to showcase is Kelly Stewart, whose delicate blend of architectural knowledge and fearlessness in the use of mixed media has created some wonderful work that we are very pleased to present. While Kelly usually draws her inspiration from her home city of Edinburgh, she has created work for us specifically for this exhibition which we are thrilled about. Her piece 'Central Station' perfectly captures the constant motion of a city in movement, as well as the wonder of entering a city rich in culture. Kelly's work can be found in our gallery, as well as on our website.

Karen Cairns is one of our longest-standing artists here, and with the quality of work she presents we cannot be happier. Her work delivers a unique mix of architectural expertise and watercolour painting that combines the structure of her building rendering with the mastery of an often unpredictable art medium. This creates work that lovingly notes the history of the city with the vibrancy of its present, as evidenced in the painting 'Sparklers and Umbrellas, Exchange Square'. Her body of work is not limited to Glasgow, and many of her pieces can be found on our website.

If you have any questions about any of the work featured in this exhibition, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0141 221 4502 or email [email protected].

Annual Burns Exhibition - January 2019

29 January 2019

Scotland Art's Annual Burns Night

January can be a drab month. Grey skies and cold winds. We want to make this month a little brighter for you, we want to inject it with a little colour and a lot of talent. Our annual Burns Night Exhibition opened for a fantastic preview evening on the 24th and we want to share some information about the artists and artwork featured in it. We have now added all the new work online and would like to invite you to look at our exhibitions page. We have brought together art work that you may not have seen before and quite possibly that you may not have though to hang together. Each piece has a life of its own using colour and a Burns undertone.


Firstly, we take a look at Margaret Evans. We have been selling Margaret’s work for a while now and her landscapes never fail to disappoint. Her work is a unique mix of materials and perspective and demonstrates the beautiful accents Scottish landscape has to offer. She tends to use a mixer of pastel and gouache, two materials that shouldn’t work together – but do. The softness of the pastels is complimented by her use of gouache paints. These paints blend into the clouds and create an Evans atmosphere. This type of atmosphere can be felt whilst walking amongst the Scottish Highlands and taking in the fresh air. Margaret captures these environments with spectacular displays of light contrasts. Her work has the vibrancy able to create its own light in any room. The collection you will find on our website takes you on a journey through wonderful Scotland.

'Morning Glory, Bass Rock' by Margaret Evans

Lee Craigmile also has a keen eye for capturing light. We are showing three en plein air paintings from his time in Florence. We also have a still life by Craigmile titled ‘Whisky and Books’. His use of light here is remonstrant of Caravaggio and the use of chiaroscuro creates a dramatic scene. He makes you question who the scene involved. Who was drinking the Oban Whisky and what were the books they were reading? To place them on a table covered in a blue tartan contrasting with the red silky bookmark flowing out of the book’s cream pages. Everything about this painting is delicious, he has created a textural narrative and framed it in the perfect dark wooden frame. Can’t you see this hanging in your hallway or even being the centre of attention in your living room. Lee’s work is new to ScotlandArt and selling very well. Why not add a painting by him to your collection?

Pauline Patrick has worked with ScotlandArt for several years, her style has developed, and she is now using beautifully orchestrated colours and a unique perspective. The flowers she paints hold significance to colour and vibrancy. Her way of staging these vases and tables displaying the colours is unlike any other artist. The flowers have just come into bloom and the light has just touched their petals. The way they are perched just off centre give the paintings a warmth. We are also displaying two of her land and house-scapes. These pieces take a careful consideration to environment and how to display Scottish architecture in a modern and painterly way. Both of these paintings can be seen in the gallery or on our website.

'Cream-White Rosebuds from the Garden' by Pauline Patrick

We also have new work in by the fabulous Andrew McNeile Jones, Joanna McDonough and a new artist Sian Mather. McNeile Jones’s stunning still life paintings are in the gallery and on his artists page.


If you have any questions about any of the work featured in this exhibition, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0141 221 4502 or email [email protected].

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SPEY: Painting of the Month

05 October 2018

Scotland Art and Speyside Distillery

At our gallery here in the heart of Glasgow city centre we are lucky enough to be neighbours with the Speyside Distillery. This has meant we were able to meet their well respected and much admired artist in residence, Joanna McDonough.

Her work is known throughout the Highlands of Scotland with her unique style being the perfect accompaniment to Scotland's fine Whisky. Her charming and very unique screenprints appeal to the wildlife fanatic inside you. 'Lunch?' (pictured on the left) is a wonderful display of her love for the puffin. A sociable bird the puffin gathers plenty of wee fish in its orange beak, ready to eat, maybe even share. The colours and tone reflected throughout 'Lunch?'; show her attention to detail and the screenprinting process. The blocks of colour and hand drawn lines are meticulously detailed. As one can deduce from the bright, lively animals, Joanna enjoys the countryside in the North of Scotland to the upmost. Available in our Glasgow gallery at the moment we have the following:


'Bullfinch Love'



and of course 'Lunch?'

SNEAK PEEK OF Mike Bernard

03 September 2018

Just a wee sneak peek at our wonderful new work ready for the upcoming Exhibition 'Off The Wall'.

Our lovely Gallery Asssitant Catriona will talk you through some of Mike's working processes and the hidden details within his canvases.

Mike Bernard trained at the West Surrey College of Art and Design and went on to study at the Royal Academy School for a postgraduate degree. His work is semi-abstract and uses mixed media, where he incorporates acrylic, collage and other materials to skillfully build up his paintings. He is particularly inspired by harbours and coastal scenes and the lovely colours and shapes you can find there, which stem from his childhood where he grew up in Dover, Kent. In his current work we have in the gallery you will find lots of colour, texture and atmosphere in the various Scottish landscape scenes. In these paintings he uses newspaper cuttings to create the forms of houses and boats, and also to build up texture in his work, making them incredibly striking pieces.

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18 August 2018

Happy August! We are having a wonderful summer here in Glasgow. We thought we would give you a look inside at some of the amazing artists we have in the gallery just now. Our Summer Exhibition brings together both new faces and old favourites with something for everyone!

Click this link to see Gallery Coordinator Natalie tell us a little bit more about some of the amazing artists on the wall right now. Everthing in the video can be seen here on the website, any questions then just pop up on the chat feature and remember we are open everyday. So stop by and see them in person! 


November 2016

Judy Murray, pictured in ScotlandArt with one of her favourite artists Matthew Bourne, was a recent customer of the gallery, and was delighted to give us a few words on her ScotlandArt experience:

"Choosing the perfect piece of original art is never easy. So many things to consider - size, shape, colourways, lighting, position. But ScotlandArt were there to give expert advice on all of those things and brought a wonderful shortlist from their extensive collection to my home. Seeing so many possible pieces in place helped me to be absolutely sure of my final decision. I was delighted with the artworks and the service and would happily recommend them to anyone"


October 2016

ScotlandArt is pleased to present their next exhibition "Shades of Autumn". Our latest autumnal mixed exhibition features new artworks by Margaret Evans, Deborah Phillips, Tracey Kinniburgh, Marion Thomson, Sallyann Johns and we welcome Pauline Patrick to the gallery. We are also pleased to showcase new stain glass installations by artist Alec Galloway, along with beautiful natural wood sculptures by Angus Clyne. This exhibition showcases the changing seasons in all their glory, from Evan's atmospheric misty scenes to Kinniburgh's delicate branches and Johns golden hued birds.


July 2016

We are pleased to present 'Reinventing Traditions' by contemporary artist Matthew Bourne. Running from July 22nd, Bourne's first Scottish solo exhibition showcases his signature tempestous landscapes and his new still-life which have taken Glasgow by storm in recent months.