Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we have many international customers and have sent paintings worldwide – from Germany to Hong Kong to Canada! A member of gallery staff will be happy to advise and answer all your questions.
Absolutely, we are happy to arrange a viewing in the gallery for multiple pieces of work. This can be done by contacting the gallery directly, or by reserving work online and requesting a viewing date when filling out the request from.
It’s always best to get in touch with a member of staff if you are looking to see a particular piece. We can make sure it is on the wall for you to see, avoiding any disappointment!
Our gallery staff would be more than happy to suggest a selection of work to fit any requirements you have, and can talk you through artists we think you may like.
We are a proud participant of the OwnArt Scheme in the gallery - which enables customers to purchase original art in ten instalments, interest free. It can be used on purchases between £100-£2,500 and there are many options available – including combining multiple artworks. Our gallery staff are happy to chat through these options with you!
Yes! Keep updated with favourite artists by “Registering your interest” on their page. You will be sent an email as soon as new work arrives in the gallery – making sure you get a first look!