Artist Dorte Pape


Dorte Pape

Media Glass
Type Animal
Price £35.00 / $44.53
Size 12 x 15 cm
Ref 23649
Dorte was born and brought up in Denmark and moved to Scotland as a young adult where she now lives and works. She has worked with glass for almost twenty years and is an expert at many different methods of working with such a delicate medium including leaded stained glass work, and painted glass work. However her real passion lays in fusing and shaping glass in a hot kiln. In Dorte’s fused work of birds and nature panels she combines both painting directly onto the coloured glass and sand blasting. The sand blasting technique uses a modern approach to etching and creating surface texture on glass. She enjoys working with the different finishes this technique allows and continues to get excited by the versatility and the vibrancy of colour glass is able to show.