Artist Jim Campbell

The Bridge, High Tide Rain

Jim Campbell

Media Acrylic
Type Landscape/Seascape
Price £750.00 / $942.20
Size 65 x 65 cm
Ref 21678

Born 1961 Edinburgh. Studied Painting at Edinburgh College of Art, 1979 – 1983.

My work includes the figurative and the abstract, landscape and wildlife. I use a wide range of techniques and materials, latterly involving limited chromatic palettes, to express my reactions to the visual stimulus around me; everything starts and ends with drawing, with mark making; one of the basic and most fundamental means of communication. My latest works evolve from sketches made in the field, using sparingly selected materials and often incorporating the resources to hand; mud, seaweed, heather and grass for pigment, stone or bark to draw. I am observational in my approach, responding to the constantly changing light and mood of the landscape and weather; combining and contrasting elements of space, volume and tone to produce works which are natural and intuitive. In my most recent work I have begun to return to a more abstract approach, concentrating on the fluid use of paint. My on site work contains notations which give me a much stronger and more authentic recollection of what I have experienced, rather than just seen, and these are often retained in the finished piece. A recurring theme is the nature and character of the land and the relationship of people to the land, the marks made on the landscape by the passage of time and the link between collective memory and experience and a sense of belonging.

Recent works concentrate on the ever changing nature of the Solway shore and sky line, the ebbing tide, the movement of light on water and the flow and saturation of sea and rain.In addition to my own art practice, I currently also work as an Arts Coordinator for Access Art, Turning Point Scotland, providing regular art sessions to adults and children with learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders, acquired brain injury and epilepsy, and other third sector groups, encouraging self expression through the use of a wide range of art materials, developing communication, self-discovery, confidence and personal fulfilment.

Involvement in community projects: River of Light, Global kitchen / Welfare State

International: Reading, May 1994

Art in Reading: June 1994

Group shows:

Falling Leaves/Brief Encounters: Reading Oct - Nov 1995

Axiom Gallery, Reading: Aug 1994 – Aug 1995 – Set up gallery in empty unit in shopping mall, providing a much needed free exhibition space in the town with regularly changing group shows and performances, encouraging visitors to the mall who would not normally enter an art gallery to engage with the works and with the artists.

Jelly Gallery, Reading – various, 1994 – 2005

WASPS Kirkcudbright Summer exhibition: 2011 & 2012

WASPS open studios: 2010 – 2013

Spring Fling: WASPS Studios, 2012

Left Bank Galley, Kirkcudbright: 2 March - 31 May 2013

Solo exhibitions:

A’ the Airts, Sanquhar: April 2012

Tollbooth, Kirkcudbright: September 2012

Cinematography for short Film: THE KING & QUEEN OF WÜRTTEMBERG, 2011

Documentary, 24.44:

IDiversity Films

Directed by Samantha Fernando

Produced by Amy-Dee Tighe

Cinematography by Jim Campbell

Screened at:Glasgow Short Film Festival 2011, Southside Film Festival 2011 and others.