Artist Poppy Mercedes Pearce


Poppy Mercedes Pearce

Media Oil
Type Still Life/Flower Figure/Life
Price £5000.00 / $6489.60
Size 160 x 124 cm
Ref 28435

Contemporary painter Poppy Mercedes Pearce (b.1999, London, UK) is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and ScotlandArt Gallery 'Anything Goes' Award Winner. She makes work in relation to womanhood and nature. The work consists of predominantly large oil paintings on canvas and wood, other works include drawing and ceramics. Making pictures mainly from observation, drawn from experience in a woman’s body in this world, the work explores stories of sacred patterns and cycles of life and death. Narratives of motherhood and femininity are told, personal experience of the recent loss of her mother is woven into the pictures. They can be understood within the realms of ecofeminism, Jungianism, and spiritualism.