Artist Russell Wilson

Heather From The Hills

Russell Wilson

Media Acrylic
Type Landscape/Seascape Still Life/Flower
Price £420.00 / $545.84
Size 34 x 29 cm
Ref 27091

Russell was born in 1971 in Derbyshire, England. He originally trained in graphic design but has since worked as a Scenic Artist and then as an illustrator in the greeting card industry for over 20 years, before becoming a full time artist in 2020.

Having a lifelong love of nature and the natural world, it is no doubt that this continues to be his greatest influence and inspiration. His paintings are inspired by many aspects of nature as well as his keen interest in plants and gardening, collections of old objects and antique pottery (a favourite being old Dundee marmalade pots). Flowers often feature in a simplified rather than representational form, still life compositions stylised and often flattened in perspective. His still life painting may incorporate a view or glimpse through a window of a scene or the wider landscape, sometimes real or painted from memory, but may also be imagined. Carefully selected items from his collections, pebbles and other natural objects on a table or windowsill may relate in some way to the view from the window. His paintings are also sometimes purely landscape based, often conveying a subtle sense of atmosphere.

Wilson paints in acrylics with gesso (both as a primer and painting medium), usually on wood. Texture from brushstrokes and mark making are all important elements to his style.

As well as painting, Russell also works in other media including ceramics and needle-felting and has shown in numerous galleries across the U.K including -

Bircham Gallery, Norfolk.

Gallerytop, Derbyshire.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Yorkshire.

The Craft & Design Centre, Leeds.