Artist Julia Sagias


Julia Sagias

Media Oil
Type Landscape/Seascape
Price £675.00 / $828.78
Size 48 x 58 cm
Ref 26689

Summer Evening Clouds

Julia Sagias

Media Oil
Type Landscape/Seascape
Price £1350.00 / $1657.56
Size 35 x 45 cm
Ref 26690

January Afternoon

Julia Sagias

Media Acrylic
Type Landscape/Seascape
Price £475.00 / $583.22
Size 38 x 38 cm
Ref 25158

Julia Clare Sagias MA, MDes


I'm an artist and designer based in Glasgow. I studied History of Art at the University of Glasgow, achieving a first-class honors (MA) degree in 2006. From 2006 to 2017 I worked in the creative, cultural and museum sector involved in sponsorship of art festivals and exhibitions. In 2017 I set up as a professional artist and designer and in 2018 I won a scholarship to study at The Glasgow School of Art where I am currently studying towards a Masters of Design (MDes) post graduate degree in Interior Design. I am married with two young daughters and speak Greek fluently.

I've always been sensitive to the natural and decorative environment around me; I am deeply inspired by nature and the polychromy and multi-layered intricacies found therein. I also refer to past Masters such as Turner and the Impressionists for their exquisite interpretations of light, colour and natural phenomenon.

I have focused on painting as a full-time profession since 2018 and have been successful in building collaborations in and around Glasgow.’

Paintings, Inspiration & Technique

The focus of Julia’s paintings is sky, seascapes and cloud studies with a detailed emphasis on the glowing effects of weather, colour and light conditions. Some of her paintings are sweeping, expressive and almost abstract, others more literal. Using a golden backdrop Julia ia able to create a striking contrast between the colours of the sky and clouds and this illuminating background.

The beautiful effects of gold have been appreciated by both fine and decorative artists since ancient times, in Byzantine art, throughout the renaissance and also famously by Klimpt.

Painting allows Julia to seek a place of pure creative expression, peace and contentment. The sky is to her a subliminal subject she states;

It has endless colouristic possibilities and light effects which can reflect mood. I seek to create an uplifting and calming experience through my work. When we study the natural, I believe we can create a place or a vision full of peace and tranquillity. Clouds in particular carry a unique and ever-changing beauty, rhythm, energy and atmosphere. Painting them and experiencing the present moment of doing so is a restorative and fulfilling process.

The undulating form is sculpted in acrylic medium with layers of glaze to create a clarity and light-reflecting translucency. I use fine layers of colour and glaze to build up a colouristic and atmospheric effect; blending and contrasting to achieve chromatic harmony.

The eye follows the imagined movement of these forms. Wind and atmospheric conditions are captured through the direction and swiftness of brushstroke. A gloss finish calls the viewer to look through a translucent layer and appreciate light reflections.’