Artist DOM Art

Everything Is Changing


Media Mixed Media
Type Figure/Life
Price £8995.00 / $11687.36
Size 123 x 156 cm
Ref 24823

D.O.M., is an award winning international artist. Originally from Poland, she has made her home near Glasgow, in Scotland. As a child, she loved art.

Dominika found immense pleasure in colours, patterns and making shapes - drawing anywhere she could including using her fingers to create patterns in the snow, the sand or even on misty windows. She followed her passions and studied fine art at The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, where she knew that her future was in painting.

Prior to finishing at academy, Dom won her first prestigious award - Poznan Artist of the Year 2005. Dominika’s first exhibition was at The Green Goose Café, where she worked. The café allowed artists to stage exhibitions. Dominika sold all her work in one night, revealing to her that this dream had the potential to be a career.

Moving to the UK in 2006, Dom put her dreams on hold for a few years but in 2014 the decision was made to pursue her lifelong aspirations and she became a full-time artist.

D.O.M. is currently one of the best emerging female artists in the United Kingdom. Over the past five years, she has exhibited her work around the world, including Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, United States and Norway. Dom’s art works have been sought worldwide by private collectors, and one of Dom’s paintings has joined Madonna’s private collection. Dominika says that “paintings should send out a clear message – stop and look at me! They should attract and seduce, and make us lose our sense of time, even for a short moment."

Her artwork is expressive, dynamic and unapologetically loud. Using bold strokes and her signature bright colours, Dominika mainly showcases empowered strong woman.

Dominika says "To be one woman, you must be every woman. I try to capture women's complexity, power, passion and form. I express my thoughts and feelings in colour, working until the model's image takes centre place and expresses her verve and her victory”.

Dom follows her instinct and intuition and backs them up with technique and raw talent transferring her thoughts and feelings onto the canvas using strong contrasting colours to show energy, emotion and exuberance.