Artist Deb Wing

On Waking 3/4

Deb Wing

Media Lino print
Type Landscape/Seascape
Price £145.00 / $180.93
Size 56 x 56 cm
Ref 24650

Deb Wing lives in a small and friendly town on the Argyll coast, surrounded by lochs and mountains, yet only an hour from Glasgow. The beautiful landscapes  inspire much of her work. She specialises in original Linocut printing and has exhibited work locally in Scotland and in other galleries across England.

Each lino print is produced individually. Variations in inking, particularly in hand-printing, will mean the every print is an original - many printers aim for consistency in their work.

Many people are confused because they think of 'original paintings' where any 'prints' are exact copies. This makes people think an 'original print' is a contradiction in terms!

An original print in Linocut printing (or woodcuts, collographs or etching) is made individually and is unique in its production.

Where an edition is 'limited', the original Linocut will only be used to make a specified number of prints.