Artist Sarah Margaret Gibson

Memorie di una Vita Passata

Sarah Margaret Gibson

Media Oil
Type Still Life/Flower
Price £2400.00 / $3273.99
Size 78 x 63 cm
Ref 24605

Sarah Margaret Gibson is from Cincinnati, Ohio.


Sarah Margaret is a contemporary realist artist, specializing in figurative works, portraits, and still-lifes. Characterized by a rich tenebrism, Gibson’s work often dramatically juxtaposes light against shadow. She believes that light, and all of its symbolic qualities, are better appreciated when contrasted against dark. Building up her paintings from a series of many fine layers, she seeks to give her works a palpable depth and complexity, so that the viewer can continually find new details and facets to contemplate upon each  viewing.  Through her drawings and paintings, Gibson opens up a dialogue with nature, responding to what she finds beautiful and endeavoring to communicate this with her viewers.


In 2008 Sarah Margaret travelled to Florence, Italy to receive her formal training in drawing and painting from the  Angel Academy of Art and The Florence Academy of Art. Over the course of her seven years in Florence, Gibson became profoundly influenced by the work and philosophy of the Old Masters and by the mentorship of great living artists such as Daniel Graves, Jordan Sokol, and Daniela Astone. She taught at the Florence Academy's intermediate studio from 2012-2015.


Sarah Margaret currently lives and works in the seaside town of Largs, on the west coast of Scotland, alongside her husband and fellow artist, Lee Craigmile.